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Did Avey delete his instagram? i tried checking up on him but i think he might have

Since 2 of you requested I post some of my AC fanfic, here’s the beginning to part three of my Animal Collective fanfic series that I never finished.

Quick summary from first two parts: Deak and Abby Portner are dating secretly behind Avey’s back and Avey and Danny Perez had sex


Avey Tare was in the midst of licking Danny Perez’s butthole when the phone rang.

"Hold on a second," he picked it up, "Hello?"

"Ayeeee!" It was Dan Deacon.

"Dan, now’s not a good time."

"I just wanted to congratulate you on the news about your sister!" Dan sounded drunk.

"What- What news?" Dave wiped the cum off his mouth.

Danny groaned, “Can’t you take that call later?”

"Hold on," Avey Tare walked into the other room, "Speak the fuck up, Dan, and tell me what happened with Abby."

"She and Deak! Gettin’ married."

Dave tightened his grip on the phone, he whispered, “Dan, I know you’re drunk as hell right now but please tell me this is some kind of a sick joke.”

"Check Instagram more often, dude. It’s official. Abs took a pic of her ring, everyone knows. Except you, apparently," he started laughing.

"DAN, FUCK YOU," Dave hit end and paced the hallway, still naked.

Danny called in the other room, “Avey, you okay baby?”

"FUCK," he punched the wall and ran to get his iPhone.

…To Be Continued…

All I see in the Animal Collective tag anymore is just Slasher Flicks stuff which is fine but I miss seeing stupid stuff like pictures of Deak and his cupcakes and Noah’s head horribly photoshopped on a small girl or something