Song: no way out
Artist: mathew lee cothran
Album: failure

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you're so late with that.

really whoops lol i took a lil break from tumblr but yeah at least i found out now. Better late than never

Can you please make an example of these rape jokes? Sorry for asking this but I am really interested and I am not his fan or anything so I don't really know all the details. By the way, it was pretty brave that you decided to tell him to stop. I am proud of you :) x


this is the original post about the rape jokes 

also heres the last little bit of his bass players rant about beating his wife the audio isnt great but you can still tell whats going on 

this post helps make sense of some of it 

theres a few other posts floating around but i can’t find them rn

(psa some stuff in the posts can be triggering)

also thank you so much i was terrified but im glad that i got to like confront him about it and see his reaction i guess idk that sounds weird 


asked mac if he could please stop telling rape jokes at shows and all he said was too bad :-/


i srsly dont give a fuck about frozen

Song: I Don't Really Mind
Artist: Tame Impala
Album: Innerspeaker

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Next person to reblog one of those music asks but doesn’t even put anything in my own ask box receives a free punch in the neck

Honestly what is the point of bras and why hasnt anyone just invented like a lil piece of fabric you can tape on your nipples so they don’t show through when youre cold? Is the whole cup and straps and fancy push up stuff really necessary ? I am tired

Animal collective, panda bear, mac demarco,

•the first song I ever heard from them
AnCo- Sweet Road
PBear- Take Pills
Mac- My Kind of Woman

•their most underrated song
AnCo- There’s SO many but what comes to mind is Screens from Oddsac
PBear- Boneless I think it’s called??
Mac-All of Rock and Roll Nightclub

•their most overrated song
AnCo- My Girls, I overplayed it and now it’s just annoying
PBear- Wow I can’t think of any?
Mac- This one’s hard as well I quit

•their best song lyrically
AnCo- Banshee Beat and so many others that I can’t think of rn
PBear- All of Person Pitch
Mac- Treat Her Better

•their best song musically
PBear- Bros
Mac- Duh uh uuh du u

•the one song I’d kill to see live
PBear- Slow Motion
Mac- Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans :))

Thanks a lot!!


Kanye West would win in Mario Kart and make you watch the whole trophy celebration